Is Trump about to mobilise 100,000 National Guards to round up immigrants?

According to AP news he is

AP News has apparently heard of a memo circulating around the Dept of Homeland Security saying that Trump’s administration is looking at utilising the National Guard to herd up any illegal immigrants.

The memo in question details;

  • Calls for the unprecedented militarisation of immigration enforcement as far north as Portland, Oregon, and as far east as New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Four states that border on Mexico are included in the proposal
  • Troops would be authorised “to perform the functions of an immigration officer in relation to the investigation, apprehension and detention of aliens in the United States.”

There’s been plenty of recent comparisons between Trump and Hitler doing the rounds and this story won’t do anything to quieten that noise.

Here is the full AP story.screenshot-2017-02-17-at-15-54-04


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