New “Trumpometer” to gauge Donald Trump actions

Germany’s investor sentiment survey group Sentix devises an index on Donald Trump

The “Trumpometer” is a new measure of investor sentiment of Donald Trump and his presidency.

Compiled from over 1200 professionals and private investors, it aims to keep track of sentiment for Donald Trump and his policies.

“The new US administration is increasingly viewed by investors as an important market factor. For this reason, sentix begins measuring this perception and assessing how the actions of the US administration in various policy areas affect the stock market from the investor’s point of view.”
According to the first report,
  • 15% of private investors/11% of professional investors expect Trump to last the full 8 years term
  • 29.3% of private/31.8% of professionals think Trump will not complete his first term (“an overwhelming rejection of the president”, says Sentix)

Investors have spoken in depth about Trumps various policies and their effect on the stock market.


These give the impressions of what those policies will do for the stock market and are not an overall assessment of those policies.

This gives us something else to monitor Trump’s actions with.



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