How golfer Bernhard Langer shaped Trump policy on voter fraud

The NYT reports that Trump used a story he claims was told to him by Bernhard Langer to promote his voter fraud policy

There’s never a dull moment with Donald is there?

The New York Times reports on a State dinner withe Senate and house leaders were he primed his call to tackle voter fraud by recalling a story about golfer Bernhard Langer being turned away from voting on election day while other people standing in line, “who did not look as if they should be allowed to vote” were allowed to vote.

It has since been confirmed that Langer was never qualified to vote due to his US citizenship status.

The full link to the story is here.

The case is being made that Trump is setting policy based on anecdotal stories rather than any form of true fact or experience.

He never would, would he? 😉




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